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Prof. Dr. Marcelo Sirolli

Marcelo Sirolli D.D.S. is graduated in Dentistry at the University of São Paulo - USP, and has Master's Degree & PhD in Periodontics.


He is specialized in Periodontics and in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry, and holds a Master of Sciences degree and PhD in Periodontics from USP. He also was formally trained in Minor Oral Surgery and Periodontal Plastic Surgery.


He restricts his clinical work since 2010 to periodontal diseases treatments, periodontal aesthetic surgery, bone & soft tissue reconstruction, and minor oral surgeries. He is a Professor at Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic in Periodontal Plastic Surgery since 2014. 


He was a student for Osteology Research Academy at Harvard School of Dental Medicine (2016). Prof. Dr. Marcelo was awarded the "Medal and Diplom for Union's Honor and Merit - Dr. Luiz César Pannain" by the São Paulo's State Odontology Sindicate, as the Periodontist that went outstanding in 2015, aged 29.


Dr. Marcelo published articles and book chapters and is a Professor for short-term periodontics qualification courses in São Paulo.

CROSP 97527

Most Wanted Treatments

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Aesthetic Crown Lenghtening

Surgical Aesthetic Treatment correcting tooth eruption and/or excessive gingival display, a.k.a. gummy smile.

Despite of being an Aesthetic Treatment it also promotes a better health for the gums.

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Root Coverage

Surgical gingival recession treatment, preventing root exposure that could cause tooth hypersensitivity and caries.

It can also avoid a tooth from being extracted, in severe cases.

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More Treatments


The annual dental check-up can  prevent teeth cavities and/or wear and bad breath.

Periodontal Treatment

It is the specialist cleaning of your teeth and gums to help control the bacteria that cause gum disease and bone loss.

Tooth Extraction

Surgical removal of condemned hopeless teeth or by prevention for prophylactic reasons (i.e. impacted wisdom tooth).

Guided Tissue Regeneration

A technique used to repair periodontal defects so that a tooth, or set of teeth has more support and stability.

São Paulo - Brazil

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